It's not about me, it's about what YOU & I co-create for YOU!

Hi-ya. Jackie here, formerly many titles, a recovering perfectionist, control freak, type A, sugar-aholic, High Ticket Sales Consultant but most recently retiree of “Make It Happen Mack” now “Manifestation Mack” world renowned Confidence & Wealth Mentor & Activator. 

HOLD UP before you click off this page YOU DID NOT COME THIS FAR ONLY TO COME THIS FAR and believe it or not, you are manifesting your reality every second of every day based on your focus, beliefs, alignment, choices, action, reaction, lack of or overwhelming decisions you are consciously and subconsciously making . . . and to top it off all of this includes all the roles you are currently responsible for and fully or half ass fulfilling through out each and every day.

I AM JUST LIKE YOU, I just operate differently now thanks to the last 11+ yrs and since I know you are a busy and quite possibly an over-committed high performing individual I will give you the cliff notes of my journey. 

2008: I was handed a severance package in my 20’s from corporate position at The Human Performance Institute. Hind sight and wisdom learned early on in my career, “Never let a role or position define you.” 

One year prior I recognized the online coaching world and I KNEW it was my calling. So I hired my first coach and jumped into the best coaching training and certification programs at that time. 

2009 – 2011: A dream opportunity that allowed me to immediately step aside from 1-1 coaching (and the struggle of trying unsuccessfully to figure out online marketing before it was easy and cool and before I had the experience I have now), and to jump in with both feet utilizing my coaching, consulting and training skills. 

I earned my badge as a road warrior and frequent flyer due to the rapid growth of the agency in just the first few months. I was in 2 different rental cars each day, a flight or 2 daily and 4 hours of LIVE training! 

(No typoes here, each week went a little something like this – Monday fly in train for 4 hours, return the rental car, hop back on second flight, pick up new rental car, grab a hotel, type up a report, eat, sleep then wake up train for 4 hours live, return rental car, fly to next client, pick up rental car, hotel, reports, eat, sleep, repeat for 11 months straight all while planning my wedding.

2011-2021: High Ticket Sales / Enrollment Coach for multiple thought leaders in the online industry from Dr. Heidi Hanna (New York Times Best Seller & Keynote Speaker), Healthpreneur (Leading Coaching Company for Health Experts), ROI Machines (Top Online Marketing Agency) & Dr. Bill Cole (Cellular Health). 

As you may or may not know I am an open book and ubber transparent during this time around 2014 got a little burned out in the coaching space, which can happen easily when you are not taking aligned action and following your intuition to slow down in order to speed up and I earn my Luxury Real Estate License as a REALTOR while working for the prestigious Isleworth Realty in Florida. 

Also during this time it became crystal clear that strategies work when you commit and test consistently, but what is more important than the strategy is the consistency in knowing, being and believing in what you desire, what you stand for and WHY! 

I have worked with and been hired by “successful” entreprenuers hustling, grinding and doing all the things collecting millions while investing millions and yet at times it never seemed enough and the pressure of the growth manifested into dis-ease and ultimately disease. 

I KNEW there was a better way that allowed a greater impact and abundance and wealth of health, happiness, freedom, money, adventure, connection, love and all the good feels that many think they have to sacrifice in order to “have it all” or “live their best life” “chasing their dreams” verses living out their dreams and desires and no longer waiting for “some day when.”

2015 – 2017: I was blessed beyond my wildest dreams and I became a mother 9 months sooner than we “had planned” (remember above I am still and was a recovering control freak) and WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW; my desires and purpose got rocked to a whole new level for I never knew until I became one, how much I freaking LOVE being an engaged mom. 

2022: So here we are over a decade later and I am now along with some of my clients starting over completely from scratch with no list or following but on a mission to Live Our Dreams Like a Boss, with intention, purpose, activation, aligned action, clarity, confidence and with certainty and embracing the uncertain times for those are the moments where anything and everything is possible. 

I partner and work with women primarily moms who are also boss babes and/or have a badass career looks successful, living the “good life” and even a great life and yet they are burnt out, and if not yet are burning out and unfulfilled and feel guilty for wanting and desiring so much more. 

These are women who are starting to wake up and realize that no matter how much money they chase and make it will they will never be able to buy back time and they feel guilty for the lack of time they commit to investing in their health, their family, kids, marriage, friends volunteer work (they haven’t done since having children), etc. 

Removing the struggle and allowing in all they desire with EASE, FLOW & FUN! While embracing the growth and knowing they to can HAVE IT ALL and they do not need to justify or do it all ALONE. Simply show up ALIGNED, EXPECT, & CONFIDENTLY BE!