Jacquelyn Mack Coaching & Live Your Dreams Like a Boss aka (LYD LAB pronounced “Lead Lab”) was established just for you because I AM just like you and I KNOW what it takes when it comes to AWARENESS, ACTIVATION, INSTALLATION, CONNECTION, ALIGNMENT, EMBODIMENT and all the things activating REAL CONFIDENCE and clarity to continue to live out all one desires no matter how successful and busy life can get. Together unlocking what it takes, means and feels to truly HAVE IT ALL, EXPERIENCE it all, BE it all without feeling like you have to DO it all.



This is a safe and supportive space where busy business owners and corporate executives go to get clear on what fulfillment, purpose, and confidence means to them once they’re tired of running on fumes. My genius and superpower is helping high performers BREAKTHROUGH & CREATE new boundaries and beliefs to lead them back to their truest desires — whether it’s escaping the 9 to 5 or falling back in love with it. In other words? I help people live their dreams like a boss: with inspiration, the expectation of success, and the fearlessness to show up in their truth unapologetically while operating only from their zone of genius with ease — without apologies, and no shame for wanting it all and actually living and receiving with gratitude. 


After coaching many high performers, I can tell you that the thing people THINK has made them successful usually becomes the ONE thing that’s holding them back for NEXT LEVEL RESULTS!

For me, it was perfectionism, people pleasing and control. I thought those things were the drivers of my success — but really, they were the drivers of my burnout (twice). I am still recovering from those 3 themed programs since they had been wiring and firing for decades they, up until now, were wicked strong.

And, people with those personalities tend to think “I’ll do it all myself.” What I KNOW is that business is not just about the HOW, it’s about the WHO.


Life and business are meant to be “done” together and with others. 

WHO can help, inspire, show me, activate, coach etc. in what I desire. WHO??

Look at olympians –  they are the best of the best in the world and they have coaches, they know what to do but they still have a WHO! 



When you release the HOW and are clear and confident on what and why and you have the WHO the HOW becomes simple. 



HUGE lesson on why I am rebranding and relaunching right now – making it happen is still what happens in my life from those looking in from the outside in BUT it’s not about “making” it pushing and hustling . . . it’s about declaring, showing up as the person, clear & confident and allowing it ALL IN!! 



Not just gettin clear on the WHAT & WHY but all getting clear and being aware of what’s blocking it – limiting believes, lies others are telling us, lies we tell ourselves, how we show up etc. 



It’s not about hustling grinding, going and doing until we burn out physically or worse die. 



The ONE thing NO ONE (not even the billionaires can buy back) is TIME. Not the last 2 seconds or day or week or year. Cannot buy it back so we must get clear, own our confidence and LIVE out our desires and dreams like a boss! Investing in self, health and all the things that feel good. 




What truly makes me different for my clients work with me it’s super intentional in areas of awareness, energy, attention, – protecting your energy, owning self worth and when I say owning like truly owning it so much that you FEEL it. Energy and energetics is a vibe it’s a feeling it is the root of our being as cells and a soul for that is all we truly are. Of course I have lots of experience with the business side of sales, marketing and operations of running your own business but those strategies will not work if the belief and consistent aligned actions are not clear first. Which is WAY more than “just a “life” coach”. The sweet spot between manifesting what you desire in life, action and truly experiencing it.

It’s not just mindset and positive “stuff” and other quick fix solutions that are out there. Those alone will not create sustainable change that is just the tip of the iceberg.


So are you ready to live your truth, live a fulfilling life for the first time or up level to success 2.0 and beyond? Then what are you waiting for?